AROQA membership is open to educational institutions in order to contribute in enhancing education, disseminating culture of quality and accreditation, noting that the annual membership rate is 50 Euros. Membership includes the following services:

-  Applying education quality principles and criteria and obtaining AROQA accreditation after evaluation;

-  Obtaining a copy of Arab Journal of Quality in Education (AJQE), which is a refereed, indexed and specialized journal in education quality and accreditation;

-  Access to AROQA's publications and reports;

-  Participating in the AROQA's annual conference and specialized workshops at preferential rates; 


By joining AROQA, members become automatically part of our extensive network in the field of Quality Assurance in Education. This will allow members to regularly meet with peers to discuss, share and benchmark experiences, take part in the events and conferences aiming to disseminate the culture of quality, and in sharing experiences in quality assurance, quality management and accreditation.

AROQA Members:


1.      University M'hamed Bougara of Boumerdes 


2.      Gulf University

3.      Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College of Business (TAGUCB)

Arab Republic of Egypt:

4.      Middle East Osha Company

5.      Minia University 

6.      Tanta University 

7.      Arab Association for Health & Safety Experts and professionals "ArabQosh"

8.      Legalisation Consulting Association "Egylca"

9.      Digital Bridges

10. Dar Elsondos


11.  University of Anbar

12.  Al Iraqia University

13.  University of Koufa

14.  Alnahrain University

15.  University of Babylon - Iraq

16.  University of Baghdad

17.  Tikrit University

18.  Thi Qar University

19.  Al-Mustaqbal University College

20.  Al-Farabi Institute for High Studies



21.  Network of Iraqi Sceintists Abroad


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:

22.  Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies

23.  Al al-Bayt University

24.  University of Jordan

25.  Israa University

26.  Petra Universty

27.  Zarqa Private University 

28.  Al-Zaytoonah University - Jordan

29.  Middle East University

30.  Jordan university of science and technology 

31.  Hashemite University 

32.  Yarmouk University

33.  Jerash University

34.  Amman Arab University 

35.  Mu'tah University 

36.  Jordan Society for Quality

37.  Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business Administration (TAG-SB)

38.  Arab Knowledge and Management Society (AKMS)


39.  Kuwait University 

40.  Hareer Institute 


41.  Palace Modern Culture School 

42.  Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon 

43.  Lebanese Canadian University  

44.  International Quality Services TQCSI


45.  Arab Federation For Technical Education

46.  Azzaitona University - Libya

47.  Libyan Internationla Medical University

48.  Benghazi University

49.  Omar Almukhtar University

50.  Faculty of Medical Technology Misurata

51.  Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC)


52.  Lahaye International University - Netherlands


53.  Al-Aqsa university

54.  AlQuds Open University

55.  An-najah National University

56.  Palestine Technical University


57.  SAC for Training and Consulting 

58.  International Group for Training and Consulting


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA):

59.  Aljouf University

60.  Naif Arab University for Security Sciences 

61.  Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University - E-learning and Distance Education Deanship

62.  College of Business Administration

63.  Bayan International for Training

64.  Eduline International School 

65.  Rand Private School

66.  Center for Health Studies in Prince Sultan Military Medical City

67.  Rooh Ebda Training Center


68.  Sudan University of Science and Technology

69.  International University of Africa

Sultanate of Oman:

70.  Sultan Qaboos University

71.  Gulf College

72.  Muscat College 


73.  Al-Baath University

74.  Al-Hawash Private University for Pharmacy and Cosmetology

75.  The Syrian International Private University for Sciences Technology - Syria

76.  Arab International University

77.  Tishreen University - Syria


United Arab Emirates:

78.  Education Zone


United States of America

79.  International Arab Academy of Training and Development


80.  ROFHD Academy for Training and Development 

81.  Andalus University for Science and Technology 

82.  HSCC 

83.  Manarat Sana'a International School