Amman – H.E. Senator Talal Abu-Ghazaleh received a number of 7th grade students from  Al-Mashreq International School who wished to meet with him to talk about his experience growing up as a refugee and his journey towards success, which was the inspiration behind the idea of the community service project they are conducting as part of their study requirements.

During the meeting,  7th grade students Rawaa al Saif, Shira al-Adwan and Jana Hammad from Mashreq Int’l School, confirmed that they were very inspired after reading the book " Blankets becomes jackets", a book that deals with many of the historical turns and events in the life of  Senator Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, and describes the fractures and victories that occurred as a result of forced migration from Palestine in 1948, as well as personal stories from his life such as the significant moment his mother made a jacket for him out of the refugee blanket, which he considered to be a point of separation in his life.

This book provided the inspiration for them to think about an initiative that leaves a real impact on refugees through their project, stemming from their great awareness of the community's duty to support refugees, and their initiative to create some handicrafts to sell in support of needy families in refugee camps.

Through the meeting, the students raised a number of questions and engaged with Senator Abu-Ghazaleh in a friendly and positive dialogue, in which they learned more about his life and his story and the march of suffering and success he experienced. Abu-Ghazaleh assured them that happiness is a subjective decision that stems from man, something that does not give or give, but "the man himself who gives happiness to himself and to others. "

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh stressed the importance of setting life goals, which begin with an achievable idea, whatever the circumstances and in any way with the perseverance of work and will. 

At the end of the meeting, Abu-Ghazaleh advised the students to work to discover their minds and interests, and to never give up because failure occurs only when they stop trying, adding that they have to learn and innovate to make a more beautiful future and to be active citizens in their country and provide the best possible opportunities for all segments of society.